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Lithuania Latitude Facts: 55.25305 and Lithuania Longitude Facts: 23.72465

Lithuania Regions are: Alytaus Apskritis Kauno Apskritis Klaipedos Apskritis Marijampoles Apskritis Panevezio Apskritis Siauliu Apskritis Taurages Apskritis Telsiu Apskritis Utenos Apskritis Vilniaus Apskritis

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Afghanistan Category: Geography - Elevation extremes (m): lowest point: Amu Darya 258 m; highest point: Nowshak 7,485 m

  2. Grenada Category: Military - Military branches: no regular military forces; Royal Grenada Police Force (includes Coast Guard) (2007)

  3. Marshall Islands Category: People - Literacy (%): definition: age 15 and over can read and write; total population: 93.7%; male: 93.6%; female: 93.7% (1999)

  4. Vanuatu Category: People - Life expectancy at birth (years): total population: 63.61 years; male: 62.04 years; female: 65.27 years (2008 estimate)

  5. Syria Category: Geography - Geography - note: there are 42 Israeli settlements and civilian land use sites in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (August 2005 estimate)

CIT.DIRECTORY Source: CIA - The World Factbook - https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2028.html