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Denmark Latitude Facts: 55.8970178041545 and Denmark Longitude Facts: 10.3574035608308

Denmark Regions are: Arhus Bornholm Frederiksborg Fyn Kobenhavn Nordjylland Ribe Ringkobing Roskilde Sonderjylland Staden Kobenhavn Storstrom Vejle Vestsjalland Viborg

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Lithuania Category: Geography - Geographic coordinates: 56 00 N, 24 00 E

  2. Burkina Faso Category: Government - Legal system: based on French civil law system and customary law; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction

  3. Guinea-Bissau Category: Economy - Oil - exports (bbl/day): 0 bbl/day (2005)

  4. Eritrea Category: Government - Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal

  5. Maldives Category: Transnational Issues - Refugees and internally displaced persons: IDPs: 1,000-10,000 (December 2004 tsunami victims) (2007)

CIT.DIRECTORY Source: CIA - The World Factbook - https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2028.html