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Fundaci=n Facts Info Stuff Magdalena Department, Colombia

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  1. Southern Ocean Category: Introduction - Background: A large body of recent oceanographic research has shown that the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), an ocean current that flows from west to east around Antarctica, plays a crucial role in global ocean circulation. The region where the cold waters of the ACC meet and mingle with the warmer waters of the north defines a distinct border - the Antarctic Convergence - which fluctuates with the seasons, but which encompasses a discrete body of water and a unique ecologic region. The Convergence concentrates nutrients, which promotes marine plant life, and which in turn allows for a greater abundance of animal life. In the spring of 2000, the International Hydrographic Organization decided to delimit the waters within the Convergence as a fifth world ocean - the Southern Ocean - by combining the southern portions of the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean. The Southern Ocean extends from the coast of Antarctica north to 60 degrees south latitude, which coincides with the Antarctic Treaty Limit and which approximates the extent of the Antarctic Convergence. As such, the Southern Ocean is now the fourth largest of the world's five oceans (after the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Indian Ocean, but larger than the Arctic Ocean). It should be noted that inclusion of the Southern Ocean does not imply recognition of this feature as one of the world's primary oceans by the US Government.

  2. Palmyra Atoll Category: Geography - Area - comparative: about 20 times the size of The Mall in Washington, DC

  3. Palau Category: Geography - Environment - current issues: inadequate facilities for disposal of solid waste; threats to the marine ecosystem from sand and coral dredging, illegal fishing practices, and overfishing

  4. Macedonia Category: Economy - Imports - commodities (%): machinery and equipment, automobiles, chemicals, fuels, food products

  5. Moldova Category: Geography - Total renewable water resources (cu km): 11.7 cu km (1997)


Facts Info Stuff Colombia (CO)

Fundaci=n Latitude Facts: 10.52 and Fundaci=n Longitude Facts: -74.18

Region = Magdalena Department

City = Fundaci=n

Other World Country Facts:

  1. Coral Sea Islands Category: Geography - Maritime claims: territorial sea: 3 nm; exclusive fishing zone: 200 nm

  2. Gaza Strip Category: Economy - Budget: revenues: .149 billion; expenditures: .31 billion; note: includes West Bank (2006)

  3. Cocos (Keeling) Islands Category: Communications - Internet country code: .cc

  4. Haiti Category: Government - National holiday: Independence Day, 1 January (1804)

  5. Cote d'Ivoire Category: Transnational Issues - Disputes - international: despite the presence of over 9,000 UN forces (UNOCI) in Cote d'Ivoire since 2004, ethnic conflict still leaves displaced hundreds of thousands of Ivorians in and out of the country as well as driven out migrants from neighboring states who worked in Ivorian cocoa plantations; the March 2007 peace deal between Ivorian rebels and the government brought significant numbers of rebels out of hiding in neighboring states

Source: CIA - The World Factbook https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2028.html