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World Country Facts:

  1. Kazakhstan Category: Communications - Television broadcast stations: 12 (plus 9 repeaters) (1998)

  2. Somalia Category: Transportation - Airports - with paved runways: total: 7; over 3,047 m: 4; 2,438 to 3,047 m: 2; 1,524 to 2,437 m: 1 (2007)

  3. Bahrain Category: Geography - Natural resources: oil, associated and nonassociated natural gas, fish, pearls

  4. Palmyra Atoll Category: Geography - Area - comparative: about 20 times the size of The Mall in Washington, DC

  5. Macedonia Category: Transnational Issues - Illicit drugs: major transshipment point for Southwest Asian heroin and hashish; minor transit point for South American cocaine destined for Europe; although not a financial center and most criminal activity is thought to be domestic, money laundering is a problem due to a mostly cash-based economy and weak enforcement

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Ecuador Category: Economy - Natural gas - exports (cu m): 0 cu m (2007 estimate)

  2. United Arab Emirates Category: Economy - Exchange rates: Emirati dirhams per US dollar - 3.673 (2007), 3.673 (2006), 3.6725 (2005), 3.6725 (2004), 3.6725 (2003); note: officially pegged to the US dollar since February 2002

  3. Saint Lucia Category: People - Literacy (%): definition: age 15 and over has ever attended school; total population: 90.1%; male: 89.5%; female: 90.6% (2001 estimate)

  4. Congo, Republic of the Category: Geography - Irrigated land (sq km): 20 sq km (2003)

  5. Atlantic Ocean Category: Geography - Area - comparative: slightly less than 6.5 times the size of the US

Turkey Facts Info Stuff (TR):

Turkey Latitude Facts: 39.0899000000001 and Turkey Longitude Facts: 34.9051647058824

More World Country Facts:

  1. Cocos (Keeling) Islands Category: Geography - Map references: Southeast Asia

  2. Mauritius Category: Economy - Oil - proved reserves (bbl): 0 bbl (1 January 2006 estimate)

  3. Afghanistan Category: Military - Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually: male: 371,451; female: 351,295 (2008 estimate)

  4. Akrotiri Category: People - Population: approximately 15,700 live on the Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia including 7,700 Cypriots, 3,600 Service and UK-based contract personnel, and 4,400 dependents

  5. Slovakia Category: Government - Legislative branch: unicameral National Council of the Slovak Republic or Narodna Rada Slovenskej Republiky (150 seats; members are elected on the basis of proportional representation to serve four-year terms); elections: last held 17 June 2006 (next to be held in 2010); election results: percent of vote by party - Smer 29.1%, SDKU 18.4%, SMK 11.7%, SNS 11.7%, LS-HZDS 8.8%, KDH 8.3%, other 12%; seats by party - Smer 50, SDKU 31, SMK 20, SNS 19, LS-HZDS 16, KDH 14

Turkey Regions are: Adana Adiyaman Afyonkarahisar Agri Amasya Ankara Antalya Ardahan Artvin Aydin Balikesir Batman Bilecik Bingol Bitlis Bolu Burdur Bursa Canakkale Corum Denizli Diyarbakir Edirne Elazig Erzincan Erzurum Eskisehir Gaziantep Giresun Gumushane Hakkari Hatay Icel Igdir Isparta Istanbul Izmir Kahramanmaras Karaman Kars Kastamonu Kayseri Kilis Kirklareli Kirsehir Kocaeli Konya Kutahya Malatya Manisa Mardin Mugla Mus Nevsehir Nigde Ordu Osmaniye Rize Sakarya Samsun Sanliurfa Siirt Sinop Sirnak Sivas Tekirdag Tokat Trabzon Tunceli Usak Van Yalova Yozgat

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Bouvet Island Category: Introduction - Background: This uninhabited volcanic island is almost entirely covered by glaciers and is difficult to approach. It was discovered in 1739 by a French naval officer after whom the island was named. No claim was made until 1825, when the British flag was raised. In 1928, the UK waived its claim in favor of Norway, which had occupied the island the previous year. In 1971, Norway designated Bouvet Island and the adjacent territorial waters a nature reserve. Since 1977, it has run an automated meteorological station on the island.

  2. Nauru Category: Geography - Climate: tropical with a monsoonal pattern; rainy season (November to February)

  3. Serbia Category: Geography - Geographic coordinates: 44 00 N, 21 00 E

  4. Azerbaijan Category: People - HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS: 1,400 (2003 estimate)

  5. French Guiana Category: People - Birth rate (births/1,000 population): 20.46 births/1,000 population (2006 estimate)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook