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World Country Facts:

  1. Denmark Category: Communications - Internet users: 3.5 million (2007)

  2. Ghana Category: Transportation - Ports and terminals: Tema

  3. Vietnam Category: Government - Country name: conventional long form: Socialist Republic of Vietnam; conventional short form: Vietnam; local long form: Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam; local short form: Viet Nam; abbreviation: SRV

  4. Burma Category: Military - Military branches: Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw): Army, Navy, Air Force (Tatmadaw Lay) (2008)

  5. Sweden Category: Transportation - Airports: 250 (2007)

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Italy Category: Geography - Land use (%): arable land: 26.41%; permanent crops: 9.09%; other: 64.5% (2005)

  2. Peru Category: People - Total fertility rate (children born/woman): 2.42 children born/woman (2008 estimate)

  3. Jersey Category: Economy - Economy - overview: Jersey's economy is based on international financial services, agriculture, and tourism. In 2005 the finance sector accounted for about 50% of the island's output. Potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, and especially flowers are important export crops, shipped mostly to the UK. The Jersey breed of dairy cattle is known worldwide and represents an important export income earner. Milk products go to the UK and other EU countries. Tourism accounts for one-quarter of GDP. In recent years, the government has encouraged light industry to locate in Jersey, with the result that an electronics industry has developed alongside the traditional manufacturing of knitwear. All raw material and energy requirements are imported, as well as a large share of Jersey's food needs. Light taxes and death duties make the island a popular tax haven. Living standards come close to those of the UK.

  4. Christmas Island Category: Geography - Geography - note: located along major sea lanes of Indian Ocean

  5. World Category: Communications - Internet users: 1,018,057,389 (2005)

Togo Facts Info Stuff (TG):

Togo Latitude Facts: 8.07 and Togo Longitude Facts: 1.075

More World Country Facts:

  1. Sao Tome and Principe Category: Government - Capital: name: Sao Tome; geographic coordinates: 0 12 N, 6 39 E; time difference: UTC 0 (5 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

  2. Honduras Category: Economy - Market value of publicly traded shares: $NA

  3. Atlantic Ocean Category: Transportation - Ports and terminals: Alexandria (Egypt), Algiers (Algeria), Antwerp (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Casablanca (Morocco), Colon (Panama), Copenhagen (Denmark), Dakar (Senegal), Gdansk (Poland), Hamburg (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Las Palmas (Canary Islands, Spain), Le Havre (France), Lisbon (Portugal), London (UK), Marseille (France), Montevideo (Uruguay), Montreal (Canada), Naples (Italy), New Orleans (US), New York (US), Oran (Algeria), Oslo (Norway), Peiraiefs or Piraeus (Greece), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Stockholm (Sweden)

  4. Jamaica Category: Communications - Internet hosts: 1,292 (2008)

  5. Nauru Category: Government - Flag description: blue with a narrow, horizontal, yellow stripe across the center and a large white 12-pointed star below the stripe on the hoist side; the star indicates the country's location in relation to the Equator (the yellow stripe) and the 12 points symbolize the 12 original tribes of Nauru

Togo Regions are: Lama-Kara Tsevie

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Tunisia Category: Government - Legal system: based on French civil law system and Islamic law; some judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court in joint session; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction

  2. Gambia, The Category: Geography - Natural resources: fish, titanium (rutile and ilmenite), tin, zircon, silica sand, clay, petroleum

  3. Czech Republic Category: Government - Diplomatic representation from the US: chief of mission: Ambassador Richard W. GRABER; embassy: Trziste 15, 11801 Prague 1; mailing address: use embassy street address; telephone: [420] 257 022 000; FAX: [420] 257 022 809

  4. Tanzania Category: Transportation - Pipelines (km): gas 253 km; oil 888 km; refined products 8 km (2008)

  5. Switzerland Category: Geography - Total renewable water resources (cu km): 53.3 cu km (2005)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook