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World Country Facts:

  1. Spratly Islands Category: Geography - Coastline (km): 926 km

  2. West Bank Category: Geography - Coastline (km): 0 km (landlocked)

  3. Grenada Category: Economy - Electricity - production (kWh): 167.2 million kWh (2006 estimate)

  4. Korea, South Category: Economy - GDP - composition by sector (%): agriculture: 3%; industry: 39.5%; services: 57.6% (2008 estimate)

  5. Guam Category: Economy - Industrial production growth rate (%): NA%

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Estonia Category: Transnational Issues - Illicit drugs: growing producer of synthetic drugs; increasingly important transshipment zone for cannabis, cocaine, opiates, and synthetic drugs since joining the European Union and the Schengen Accord; potential money laundering related to organized crime and drug trafficking is a concern, as is possible use of the gambling sector to launder funds; major use of opiates and ecstasy

  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina Category: Economy - Electricity - consumption (kWh): 8.501 billion kWh (2006 estimate)

  3. Dominica Category: Government - Legislative branch: unicameral House of Assembly (30 seats; 9 members appointed, 21 elected by popular vote; to serve five-year terms); elections: last held 5 May 2005 (next to be held by 5 August 2010); note - tradition dictates that the election will be held within five years of the last election, but technically it is five years from the first seating of parliament (12 May 2005) plus a 90-day grace period; election results: percent of vote by party - DLP 52.1%, UWP 43.6%, DFP 3.2%, other 1.1%; seats by party - DLP 12, UWP 8, independent 1

  4. Trinidad and Tobago Category: People - Population growth rate (%): -0.11% (2008 estimate)

  5. Sweden Category: Economy - Inflation rate (consumer prices) (%): 1.6% (November 2008 estimate)

Senegal Facts Info Stuff (SN):

Senegal Latitude Facts: 14.65375 and Senegal Longitude Facts: -16.33175

More World Country Facts:

  1. Botswana Category: People - HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate (%): 37.3% (2003 estimate)

  2. Howland Island Category: Geography - Natural hazards: the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard

  3. Antigua and Barbuda Category: People - HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate (%): NA

  4. Equatorial Guinea Category: Geography - Land use (%): arable land: 4.63%; permanent crops: 3.57%; other: 91.8% (2005)

  5. Philippines Category: Government - Flag description: two equal horizontal bands of blue (top; representing peace and justice) and red (representing courage); a white equilateral triangle based on the hoist side represents equality; the center of the triangle displays a yellow sun with eight primary rays, each representing one of the first eight provinces that sought independence from Spain; each corner of the triangle contains a small, yellow, five-pointed star representing the three major geographical divisions of the country: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao; the design of the flag dates to 1897; in wartime the flag is flown upside down with the red band at the top

Senegal Regions are: Dakar Diourbel Fatick Kaolack Kolda Louga Matam Saint-Louis Tambacounda Thies Ziguinchor

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Central African Republic Category: Government - Country name: conventional long form: Central African Republic; conventional short form: none; local long form: Republique Centrafricaine; local short form: none; former: Ubangi-Shari, Central African Empire; abbreviation: CAR

  2. Cayman Islands Category: Economy - GDP (official exchange rate): $NA

  3. Burkina Faso Category: Geography - Environment - current issues: recent droughts and desertification severely affecting agricultural activities, population distribution, and the economy; overgrazing; soil degradation; deforestation

  4. Kuwait Category: Transportation - Roadways (km): total: 5,749 km; paved: 4,887 km; unpaved: 862 km (2004)

  5. Wallis and Futuna Category: Economy - Exports - commodities (%): copra, chemicals, construction materials

Source: CIA - The World Factbook