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Sao Tome and Principe Facts Info Stuff (ST):

Sao Tome and Principe Latitude Facts: 0.315 and Sao Tome and Principe Longitude Facts: 6.705

Sao Tome and Principe Regions are: Sao Tome

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina Category: Government - Independence: 1 March 1992 (from Yugoslavia; referendum for independence completed 1 March 1992; independence declared 3 March 1992)

  2. Sweden Category: Geography - Maritime claims: territorial sea: 12 nm (adjustments made to return a portion of straits to high seas); exclusive economic zone: agreed boundaries or midlines; continental shelf: 200-m depth or to the depth of exploitation

  3. Cocos (Keeling) Islands Category: Geography - Maritime claims: territorial sea: 12 nm; exclusive fishing zone: 200 nm

  4. Korea, South Category: Economy - Oil - production (bbl/day): 20,970 bbl/day (2007 estimate)

  5. Nepal Category: Economy - Electricity - production (kWh): 2.703 billion kWh (2007 estimate)

CIT.DIRECTORY Source: CIA - The World Factbook - https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2028.html