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World Country Facts:

  1. Spain Category: Government - Flag description: three horizontal bands of red (top), yellow (double width), and red with the national coat of arms on the hoist side of the yellow band; the coat of arms includes the royal seal framed by the Pillars of Hercules, which are the two promontories (Gibraltar and Ceuta) on either side of the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar

  2. Maldives Category: Government - Diplomatic representation in the US: chief of mission: Ambassador Mohamed Hussain MANIKU; chancery: 800 2nd Avenue, Suite 400E, New York, NY 10017; telephone: [1] (212) 599-6194; FAX: [1] (212) 599-6195

  3. Nauru Category: Communications - Television broadcast stations: 1 (1997)

  4. Gabon Category: People - Religions (%): Christian 55%-75%, animist, Muslim less than 1%

  5. Kosovo Category: Government - Executive branch: chief of state: President Fatmir SEJDIU (since 10 February 2006); head of government: Prime Minister Hashim THACI (since 9 January 2008); cabinet: ministers; elected by the Kosovo Assembly; elections: the president is elected for a five-year term by the Kosovo Assembly; election last held 9 January 2008 (next to be held by in 2013); the prime minister is elected by the Kosovo Assembly; election results: Fatmir SEJDIU reelected president; first round: Fatmir SEDIU 62, Naim MALOKU 37; second round: Fatmir SEDIU 61, Naim MALOKU 37; and Hashim THACI elected to be prime minister by the Assembly

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Anguilla Category: Geography - Natural resources: salt, fish, lobster

  2. Bangladesh Category: Transportation - Pipelines (km): gas 2,597 km (2008)

  3. Marshall Islands Category: Economy - Economy - overview: US Government assistance is the mainstay of this tiny island economy. The Marshall Islands received more than billion in aid from the US from 1986-2002. Agricultural production, primarily subsistence, is concentrated on small farms; the most important commercial crops are coconuts and breadfruit. Small-scale industry is limited to handicrafts, tuna processing, and copra. The tourist industry, now a small source of foreign exchange employing less than 10% of the labor force, remains the best hope for future added income. The islands have few natural resources, and imports far exceed exports. Under the terms of the Amended Compact of Free Association, the US will provide millions of dollars per year to the Marshall Islands (RMI) through 2023, at which time a Trust Fund made up of US and RMI contributions will begin perpetual annual payouts. Government downsizing, drought, a drop in construction, the decline in tourism, and less income from the renewal of fishing vessel licenses have held GDP growth to an average of 1% over the past decade.

  4. Indonesia Category: Geography - Natural hazards: occasional floods, severe droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, forest fires

  5. Tromelin Island Category: Geography - Area (sq km): total: 1 sq km; land: 1 sq km; water: 0 sq km

Russian Federation Facts Info Stuff (RU):

Russian Federation Latitude Facts: 53.850508237922 and Russian Federation Longitude Facts: 55.8959452666851

More World Country Facts:

  1. Western Sahara Category: Economy - Exports: $NA

  2. World Category: Economy - Household income or consumption by percentage share (%): lowest 10%: 2.5%; highest 10%: 29.8% (2002 estimate)

  3. Tanzania Category: People - HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS: 1.6 million (2003 estimate)

  4. Juan de Nova Island Category: Geography - Terrain: low and flat

  5. Belize Category: Economy - Investment (gross fixed) (% of GDP): 24.5% of GDP (2008 estimate)

Russian Federation Regions are: Adygeya Altaisky krai Amur Arkhangel'sk Astrakhan' Bashkortostan Belgorod Bryansk Buryat Chechnya Republic Chelyabinsk Chita Chukot Chuvashia Dagestan Evenk Gorno-Altay Irkutsk Ivanovo Kabardin-Balkar Kaliningrad Kalmyk Kaluga Kamchatka Karachay-Cherkess Karelia Kemerovo Khabarovsk Khakass Khanty-Mansiy Kirov Komi Komi-Permyak Koryak Kostroma Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Kurgan Kursk Leningrad Lipetsk Magadan Mariy-El Mordovia Moscow City Moskva Murmansk Nenets Nizhegorod North Ossetia Novgorod Novosibirsk Omsk Orel Orenburg Penza Perm' Primor'ye Pskov Rostov Ryazan' Saint Petersburg City Sakha Sakhalin Samara Saratov Smolensk Stavropol' Sverdlovsk Tambovskaya oblast Tatarstan Taymyr Tomsk Tula Tuva Tver' Tyumen' Udmurt Ul'yanovsk Ust-Orda Buryat Vladimir Volgograd Vologda Voronezh Yamal-Nenets Yaroslavl' Yevrey

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Sierra Leone Category: Government - Executive branch: chief of state: President Ernest Bai KOROMA (since 17 September 2007); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government; head of government: President Ernest Bai KOROMA (since 17 September 2007); cabinet: Ministers of State appointed by the president with the approval of the House of Representatives; the cabinet is responsible to the president; elections: president elected by popular vote for a five-year term (eligible for a second term); election last held 11 August 2007 and 8 September 2007 (next to be held in 2012); election results: second round results; percent of vote - Ernest Bai KOROMA 54.6%, Solomon BEREWA 45.4%

  2. Clipperton Island Category: Geography - Natural resources: fish

  3. Norfolk Island Category: Geography - Land use (%): arable land: 0%; permanent crops: 0%; other: 100% (2005)

  4. Chile Category: Transportation - Roadways (km): total: 80,505 km; paved: 16,745 km (includes 2,414 km of expressways); unpaved: 63,760 km (2004)

  5. Glorioso Islands Category: Geography - Land use (%): arable land: 0%; permanent crops: 0%; other: 100% (all lush vegetation and coconut palms) (2005)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook