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World Country Facts:

  1. Zambia Category: Communications - Television broadcast stations: 9 (2001)

  2. Moldova Category: Government - Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal

  3. Jarvis Island Category: Geography - Location: Oceania, island in the South Pacific Ocean, about half way between Hawaii and the Cook Islands

  4. Sri Lanka Category: People - Literacy (%): definition: age 15 and over can read and write; total population: 90.7%; male: 92.3%; female: 89.1% (2001 census)

  5. Samoa Category: Communications - Internet hosts: 11,307 (2008)

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Monaco Category: Economy - Exchange rates: euros (EUR) per US dollar - 0.6734 (2008 est.), 0.7345 (2007), 0.7964 (2006), 0.8041 (2005), 0.8054 (2004)

  2. Martinique Category: Geography - Terrain: mountainous with indented coastline; dormant volcano

  3. Ireland Category: Geography - Elevation extremes (m): lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0 m; highest point: Carrauntoohil 1,041 m

  4. Costa Rica Category: People - Death rate (deaths/1,000 population): 4.31 deaths/1,000 population (2008 estimate)

  5. Wake Island Category: Geography - Climate: tropical

Peru Facts Info Stuff (PE):

Peru Latitude Facts: -11.1897368421053 and Peru Longitude Facts: -75.9547744360902

More World Country Facts:

  1. Marshall Islands Category: Government - Government type: constitutional government in free association with the US; the Compact of Free Association entered into force 21 October 1986 and the Amended Compact entered into force in May 2004

  2. Belgium Category: People - Nationality: noun: Belgian(s); adjective: Belgian

  3. Tunisia Category: Economy - Electricity - imports (kWh): 0 kWh (2007 estimate)

  4. Kazakhstan Category: People - Languages (%): Kazakh (Qazaq, state language) 64.4%, Russian (official, used in everyday business, designated the "language of interethnic communication") 95% (2001 estimate)

  5. Tuvalu Category: People - Population growth rate (%): 1.577% (2008 estimate)

Peru Regions are: Amazonas Ancash Apurimac Arequipa Ayacucho Cajamarca Callao Cusco Huancavelica Huanuco Ica Junin La Libertad Lambayeque Lima Loreto Madre de Dios Moquegua Pasco Piura Puno San Martin Tacna Tumbes Ucayali

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Brazil Category: Government - Political parties and leaders: Brazilian Democratic Movement Party or PMDB [Federal Deputy Michel TEMER]; Brazilian Labor Party or PTB [Roberto JEFFERSON]; Brazilian Renewal Labor Party or PRTB [Jose Levy FIDELIX da Cruz]; Brazilian Republican Party or PRB [Vitor Paulo Araujo DOS SANTOS]; Brazilian Social Democracy Party or PSDB [Senator Sergio GUERRA]; Brazilian Socialist Party or PSB [Governor Eduardo Henrique Accioly CAMPOS]; Christian Labor Party or PTC [Daniel TOURINHO]; Communist Party of Brazil or PCdoB [Jose Renato RABELO]; Democratic Labor Party or PDT [Carlos Roberto LUPI]; the Democrats or DEM (formerly Liberal Front Party or PFL) [Federal Deputy Rodrigo MAIA]; Freedom and Socialism Party or PSOL [Heloisa HELENA]; Green Party or PV [Jose Luiz de Franca PENNA]; Humanist Party of Solidarity or PHS [Paulo Roberto MATOS]; Labor Party of Brazil or PTdoB [Luis Henrique de Oliveira RESENDE]; Liberal Front Party or PFL (now known as the Democrats or DEM); National Mobilization Party or PMN [Oscar Noronha FILHO]; Party of the Republic or PR [Sergio TAMER]; Popular Socialist Party or PPS [Federal Deputy Fernando CORUJA]; Progressive Party or PP [Francisco DORNELLES]; Social Christian Party or PSC [Vitor Jorge Abdala NOSSEIS]; Workers' Party or PT [Ricardo Jose Ribeiro BERZOINI]

  2. Togo Category: Economy - Economy - overview: This small, sub-Saharan economy is heavily dependent on both commercial and subsistence agriculture, which provides employment for 65% of the labor force. Some basic foodstuffs must still be imported. Cocoa, coffee, and cotton generate about 40% of export earnings with cotton being the most important cash crop. Togo is the world's fourth-largest producer of phosphate. The government's decade-long effort, supported by the World Bank and the IMF, to implement economic reform measures, encourage foreign investment, and bring revenues in line with expenditures has moved slowly. Progress depends on follow through on privatization, increased openness in government financial operations, progress toward legislative elections, and continued support from foreign donors. Togo is working with donors to write a Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) that could eventually lead to a debt reduction plan. Economic growth remains marginal due to declining cotton production, underinvestment in phosphate mining, and strained relations with donors.

  3. Bolivia Category: Transportation - Roadways (km): total: 62,479 km; paved: 3,749 km; unpaved: 58,730 km (2004)

  4. Cape Verde Category: Economy - Oil - proved reserves (bbl): 0 bbl (1 January 2006 estimate)

  5. Nepal Category: Economy - Imports - partners (%): India 58.9%, China 13.6%, Japan 1.6% (2007)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook