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World Country Facts:

  1. Nauru Category: Introduction - Background: The exact origins of the Nauruans are unclear, since their language does not resemble any other in the Pacific. The island was annexed by Germany in 1888 and its phosphate deposits began to be mined early in the 20th century by a German-British consortium. Nauru was occupied by Australian forces in World War I and subsequently became a League of Nations mandate. After the Second World War - and a brutal occupation by Japan - Nauru became a UN trust territory. It achieved its independence in 1968 and joined the UN in 1999 as the world's smallest independent republic.

  2. Mayotte Category: Economy - Exports - partners (%): France 43%, Comoros 36%, Reunion 15% (2006)

  3. Vietnam Category: Geography - Environment - current issues: logging and slash-and-burn agricultural practices contribute to deforestation and soil degradation; water pollution and overfishing threaten marine life populations; groundwater contamination limits potable water supply; growing urban industrialization and population migration are rapidly degrading environment in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

  4. Turkmenistan Category: Government - International organization participation: ADB, CIS, EAPC, EBRD, ECO, FAO, G-77, IBRD, ICAO, ICRM, IDA, IDB, IFC, IFRCS, ILO, IMF, IMO, Interpol, IOC, IOM (observer), ISO (correspondent), ITU, MIGA, NAM, OIC, OPCW, OSCE, PFP, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNWTO, UPU, WCO, WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO

  5. Liechtenstein Category: Geography - Geographic coordinates: 47 16 N, 9 32 E

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Northern Mariana Islands Category: Communications - Telephones - mobile cellular: 20,500 (2004)

  2. Saint Pierre and Miquelon Category: Economy - Agriculture - products: vegetables; poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs; fish

  3. Italy Category: Economy - GDP (purchasing power parity): .801 trillion (2008 estimate)

  4. Liberia Category: Transnational Issues - Illicit drugs: transshipment point for Southeast and Southwest Asian heroin and South American cocaine for the European and US markets; corruption, criminal activity, arms-dealing, and diamond trade provide significant potential for money laundering, but the lack of well-developed financial system limits the country's utility as a major money-laundering center

  5. Rwanda Category: Geography - Map references: Africa

Panama Facts Info Stuff (PA):

Panama Latitude Facts: 8.60972789115646 and Panama Longitude Facts: -80.5712925170068

More World Country Facts:

  1. Colombia Category: Transnational Issues - Disputes - international: in December 2007, ICJ allocates San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina islands to Colombia under 1928 Treaty but does not rule on 82

  2. Madagascar Category: People - Sex ratio (male(s)/female): at birth: 1.03 male(s)/female; under 15 years: 1.01 male(s)/female; 15-64 years: 0.99 male(s)/female; 65 years and over: 0.81 male(s)/female; total population: 0.95 male(s)/female (2008 estimate)

  3. Slovakia Category: People - Life expectancy at birth (years): total population: 75.17 years; male: 71.23 years; female: 79.32 years (2008 estimate)

  4. Spain Category: People - HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate (%): 0.7% (2001 estimate)

  5. Slovenia Category: People - Population: 2,007,711 (July 2008 estimate)

Panama Regions are: Bocas del Toro Chiriqui Cocle Colon Darien Herrera Los Santos Panama San Blas Veraguas

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Ireland Category: Economy - Natural gas - imports (cu m): 4.552 billion cu m (2007 estimate)

  2. Tuvalu Category: Geography - Elevation extremes (m): lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m; highest point: unnamed location 5 m

  3. Saint Lucia Category: Economy - Oil - production (bbl/day): 0 bbl/day (2007 estimate)

  4. Aruba Category: Government - Diplomatic representation from the US: the US does not have an embassy in Aruba; the Consul General to Netherlands Antilles is accredited to Aruba

  5. Turkmenistan Category: Economy - Reserves of foreign exchange and gold: .501 billion (31 December 2008 estimate)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook