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Country is Myanmar (MM):

Yangon Latitude Facts: 16.78 and Yangon Longitude Facts: 96.16


Myanmar Region is: Yangon

Myanmar Cities are:  Rangoon Yangon

Random World Country Facts:

  1. Jan Mayen Category: Transportation - Airports - with unpaved runways: total: 1; 1,524 to 2,437 m: 1 (2007)

  2. Dhekelia Category: Government - Legal system: the Sovereign Base Area Administration has its own court system to deal with civil and criminal matters; laws applicable to the Cypriot population are, as far as possible, the same as the laws of the Republic of Cyprus

  3. Pacific Ocean Category: Introduction - Background: The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the world's five oceans (followed by the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, and Arctic Ocean). Strategically important access waterways include the La Perouse, Tsugaru, Tsushima, Taiwan, Singapore, and Torres Straits. The decision by the International Hydrographic Organization in the spring of 2000 to delimit a fifth ocean, the Southern Ocean, removed the portion of the Pacific Ocean south of 60 degrees south.

  4. Clipperton Island Category: Geography - Elevation extremes (m): lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m; highest point: Rocher Clipperton 29 m

  5. Bolivia Category: Economy - GDP - composition by sector (%): agriculture: 11.3%; industry: 36.9%; services: 51.8% (2008 estimate)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2028.html