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World Country Facts:

  1. Saudi Arabia Category: People - Net migration rate (migrant(s)/1,000 population): -6.82 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2008 estimate)

  2. Greece Category: Economy - Market value of publicly traded shares: 4.9 billion (31 December 2007 estimate)

  3. Vietnam Category: Geography - Natural hazards: occasional typhoons (May to January) with extensive flooding, especially in the Mekong River delta

  4. Paraguay Category: Geography - Maritime claims: none (landlocked)

  5. Poland Category: Communications - Telephones - mobile cellular: 41.389 million (2007)

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Pacific Ocean Category: Geography - Geographic coordinates: 0 00 N, 160 00 W

  2. Martinique Category: Economy - GDP - composition by sector (%): agriculture: 6%; industry: 11%; services: 83% (1997 estimate)

  3. Namibia Category: Economy - Household income or consumption by percentage share (%): lowest 10%: 0.5%; highest 10%: 64.5% (2003)

  4. Russia Category: Geography - Geography - note: largest country in the world in terms of area but unfavorably located in relation to major sea lanes of the world; despite its size, much of the country lacks proper soils and climates (either too cold or too dry) for agriculture; Mount El'brus is Europe's tallest peak

  5. Midway Islands Category: Economy - Economy - overview: The economy is based on providing support services for the national wildlife refuge activities located on the islands. All food and manufactured goods must be imported.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Facts Info Stuff (LY):

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Latitude Facts: 31.2225 and Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Longitude Facts: 15.4508333333333

More World Country Facts:

  1. Guyana Category: Geography - Terrain: mostly rolling highlands; low coastal plain; savanna in south

  2. Greece Category: Government - Political parties and leaders: Coalition of the Left and Progress (Synaspismos) [Alekos ALAVANOS]; Communist Party of Greece or KKE [Aleka PAPARIGA]; New Democracy or ND (conservative) [Konstandinos KARAMANLIS]; Panhellenic Socialist Movement or PASOK [Yiorgos PAPANDREOU]; Popular Orthodox Rally or LAOS [Yeoryios KARATZAFERIS]

  3. Svalbard Category: People - Birth rate (births/1,000 population): NA (2008 estimate)

  4. Angola Category: People - Median age (years): total: 18 years; male: 18 years; female: 18 years (2008 estimate)

  5. Senegal Category: Communications - Radio broadcast stations: AM 8, FM 20, shortwave 1 (2001)

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Regions are: Al Jufrah Az Zawiyah Banghazi Darnah Gharyan Misratah Sabha Surt Tarabulus Zlitan

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Mozambique Category: Economy - Natural gas - production (cu m): 1.65 billion cu m (2006 estimate)

  2. Saint Pierre and Miquelon Category: Government - Diplomatic representation from the US: none (territorial overseas collectivity of France)

  3. Niue Category: People - Sex ratio (male(s)/female): NA

  4. Iceland Category: People - Languages (%): Icelandic, English, Nordic languages, German widely spoken

  5. Cameroon Category: Transportation - Roadways (km): total: 50,000 km; paved: 5,000 km; unpaved: 45,000 km (2004)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook