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Country is Latvia (LV):

Ogres Latitude Facts: 56.7866666666667 and Ogres Longitude Facts: 24.8991666666667


Latvia Region is: Ogres

Latvia Cities are:  Ikskile Jumprava Kegums Keipene Krape Laubere Ledmane Lielvarde Madliena Ogre Rembate Suntazi

Random World Country Facts:

  1. Finland Category: Government - Legal system: civil law system based on Swedish law; the president may request the Supreme Court to review laws; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations

  2. Malawi Category: Government - Executive branch: chief of state: President Bingu wa MUTHARIKA (since 24 May 2004); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government; head of government: President Bingu wa MUTHARIKA (since 24 May 2004); cabinet: 46-member Cabinet named by the president; elections: president elected by popular vote for a five-year term (eligible for a second term); election last held 20 May 2004 (next to be held in May 2009); election results: Bingu wa MUTHARIKA elected president; percent of vote - Bingu wa MUTHARIKA 35.9%, John TEMBO 27.1%, Gwandaguluwe CHAKUAMBA 25.7%, Brown MPINGANJIRA 8.7%, Justin MALEWEZI 2.5%

  3. Somalia Category: Economy - Currency (code): Somali shilling (SOS)

  4. El Salvador Category: People - Major infectious diseases: degree of risk: high; food or waterborne diseases: bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever; vectorborne diseases: dengue fever; water contact disease: leptospirosis (2008)

  5. Syria Category: Transportation - Merchant marine: total: 77; by type: bulk carrier 5, cargo 65, carrier 4, container 1, petroleum tanker 1, roll on/roll off 1; foreign-owned: 7 (Jordan 2, Lebanon 3, Romania 2); registered in other countries: 196 (Barbados 1, Bolivia 2, Cambodia 48, Comoros 4, Cyprus 2, Dominica 2, Georgia 49, Hong Kong 1, North Korea 1, Lebanon 2, Libya 2, Malta 6, Moldova 1, Panama 32, Saint Kitts and Nevis 7, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 13, Sierra Leone 18, Slovakia 2, Togo 2, unknown 1) (2008)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2028.html