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World Country Facts:

  1. Kingman Reef Category: Transportation - Ports and terminals: none; offshore anchorage only

  2. Philippines Category: Military - Manpower available for military service: males age 16-49: 23,547,252; females age 16-49: 23,177,487 (2008 estimate)

  3. Cameroon Category: People - Languages (%): 24 major African language groups, English (official), French (official)

  4. Norway Category: Military - Manpower available for military service: males age 16-49: 1,078,181; females age 16-49: 1,046,550 (2008 estimate)

  5. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Category: Geography - Terrain: most of the islands, rising steeply from the sea, are rugged and mountainous; South Georgia is largely barren and has steep, glacier-covered mountains; the South Sandwich Islands are of volcanic origin with some active volcanoes

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Jersey Category: People - Total fertility rate (children born/woman): 1.58 children born/woman (2008 estimate)

  2. Indonesia Category: People - Age structure (%): 0-14 years: 28.4% (male 34,343,198/female 33,175,135); 15-64 years: 65.7% (male 78,330,830/female 77,812,339); 65 years and over: 5.8% (male 6,151,305/female 7,699,548) (2008 estimate)

  3. Vanuatu Category: Geography - Area - comparative: slightly larger than Connecticut

  4. French Polynesia Category: Economy - Economy - overview: Since 1962, when France stationed military personnel in the region, French Polynesia has changed from a subsistence agricultural economy to one in which a high proportion of the work force is either employed by the military or supports the tourist industry. With the halt of French nuclear testing in 1996, the military contribution to the economy fell sharply. Tourism accounts for about one-fourth of GDP and is a primary source of hard currency earnings. Other sources of income are pearl farming and deep-sea commercial fishing. The small manufacturing sector primarily processes agricultural products. The territory benefits substantially from development agreements with France aimed principally at creating new businesses and strengthening social services.

  5. Mayotte Category: Geography - Map references: Africa

Japan Facts Info Stuff (JP):

Japan Latitude Facts: 35.4164600501612 and Japan Longitude Facts: 136.119971336438

More World Country Facts:

  1. Reunion Category: Communications - Telephone system: general assessment: adequate system; principal center is Saint-Denis; domestic: modern open-wire and microwave radio relay network; international: country code - 262; radiotelephone communication to Comoros, France, Madagascar; new microwave route to Mauritius; satellite earth station - 1 Intelsat (Indian Ocean); fiber optic submarine cable (SAT-3/WASC/SAFE) provides connectivity to Europe and Asia

  2. Atlantic Ocean Category: Geography - Terrain: surface usually covered with sea ice in Labrador Sea, Denmark Strait, and coastal portions of the Baltic Sea from October to June; clockwise warm-water gyre (broad, circular system of currents) in the northern Atlantic, counterclockwise warm-water gyre in the southern Atlantic; the ocean floor is dominated by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a rugged north-south centerline for the entire Atlantic basin

  3. Hong Kong Category: Economy - Imports - commodities (%): raw materials and semi-manufactures, consumer goods, capital goods, foodstuffs, fuel (most is re-exported)

  4. Solomon Islands Category: Government - Government - note: by the end of 2007, the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) - originally made up of police and troops from Australia, NZ, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Tonga - had been scaled back to 303 police officers, 197 civilian technical advisers, and 72 military advisers from 15 countries across the region

  5. Sweden Category: Military - Military expenditures (% of GDP): 1.5% of GDP (2005 estimate)

Japan Regions are: Aichi Akita Aomori Chiba Ehime Fukui Fukuoka Fukushima Gifu Gumma Hiroshima Hokkaido Hyogo Ibaraki Ishikawa Iwate Kagawa Kagoshima Kanagawa Kochi Kumamoto Kyoto Mie Miyagi Miyazaki Nagano Nagasaki Nara Niigata Oita Okayama Okinawa Osaka Saga Saitama Shiga Shimane Shizuoka Tochigi Tokushima Tokyo Tottori Toyama Wakayama Yamagata Yamaguchi Yamanashi

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Cocos (Keeling) Islands Category: Communications - Internet users: NA

  2. Ethiopia Category: People - Nationality: noun: Ethiopian(s); adjective: Ethiopian

  3. Peru Category: Transportation - Railways (km): total: 1,989 km; standard gauge: 1,726 km 1.435-m gauge; narrow gauge: 263 km 0.914-m gauge (2006)

  4. Maldives Category: Military - Manpower available for military service: males age 16-49: 89,505; females age 16-49: 85,745 (2008 estimate)

  5. Honduras Category: People - Religions (%): Roman Catholic 97%, Protestant 3%

Source: CIA - The World Factbook