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Gambia Latitude Facts: 13.4466666666667 and Gambia Longitude Facts: -16.6716666666667

Gambia Regions are: Banjul Western

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Arctic Ocean Category: Geography - Elevation extremes (m): lowest point: Fram Basin -4,665 m; highest point: sea level 0 m

  2. Czech Republic Category: Economy - Unemployment rate (%): 6% (2008)

  3. Switzerland Category: Government - Constitution: revision of Constitution of 1874 approved by the Federal Parliament 18 December 1998, adopted by referendum 18 April 1999, officially entered into force 1 January 2000

  4. Sri Lanka Category: Economy - Stock of direct foreign investment - abroad: $NA

  5. Western Sahara Category: Geography - Natural resources: phosphates, iron ore

CIT.DIRECTORY Source: CIA - The World Factbook - https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2028.html