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World Country Facts:

  1. Gibraltar Category: Geography - Geographic coordinates: 36 08 N, 5 21 W

  2. Yemen Category: Geography - Location: Middle East, bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea, between Oman and Saudi Arabia

  3. Timor-Leste Category: Economy - Market value of publicly traded shares: $NA

  4. Rwanda Category: Transportation - Roadways (km): total: 14,008 km; paved: 2,662 km; unpaved: 11,346 km (2004)

  5. Montenegro Category: Geography - Location: Southeastern Europe, between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Atlantic Ocean Category: Geography - Natural resources: oil and gas fields, fish, marine mammals (seals and whales), sand and gravel aggregates, placer deposits, polymetallic nodules, precious stones

  2. Gabon Category: Introduction - Background: Only two autocratic presidents have ruled Gabon since independence from France in 1960. The current president of Gabon, El Hadj Omar BONGO Ondimba - one of the longest-serving heads of state in the world - has dominated the country's political scene for four decades. President BONGO introduced a nominal multiparty system and a new constitution in the early 1990s. However, allegations of electoral fraud during local elections in 2002-03 and the presidential elections in 2005 have exposed the weaknesses of formal political structures in Gabon. Gabon's political opposition remains weak, divided, and financially dependent on the current regime. Despite political conditions, a small population, abundant natural resources, and considerable foreign support have helped make Gabon one of the more prosperous and stable African countries.

  3. Albania Category: Government - Legal system: has a civil law system; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction; has accepted jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court for its citizens

  4. Honduras Category: Economy - Budget: revenues: .628 billion; expenditures: .183 billion; including capital expenditures of 6 million (2008 estimate)

  5. Saint Barthelemy Category: Communications - Telephone system: general assessment: fully integrated access; domestic: direct dial capability with both fixed and wireless systems; international: country code - 590; undersea fiber-optic cable provides voice and data connectivity to Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe

Gabon Facts Info Stuff (GA):

Gabon Latitude Facts: -0.968 and Gabon Longitude Facts: 10.058

More World Country Facts:

  1. Angola Category: Government - Diplomatic representation from the US: chief of mission: Ambassador Dan MOZENA; embassy: number 32 Rua Houari Boumedienne (in the Miramar area of Luanda), Luanda; mailing address: international mail: Caixa Postal 6468, Luanda; pouch: US Embassy Luanda, US Department of State, 2550 Luanda Place, Washington, DC 20521-2550; telephone: [244] (222) 64-1000; FAX: [244] (222) 64-1232

  2. Botswana Category: Government - Executive branch: chief of state: President Seretse Khama Ian KHAMA (since 1 April 2008); Vice President Mompati MERAFHE (since 1 April 2008); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government; head of government: President Seretse Khama Ian KHAMA (since 1 April 2008); Vice President Mompati MERAFHE (since 1 April 2008); cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president; elections: president indirectly elected for a five-year term (eligible for a second term); election last held 20 October 2004 (next to be held in October 2009); vice president appointed by the president; election results: Festus G. MOGAE elected president; percent of National Assembly vote - 52%

  3. Iran Category: Geography - Maritime claims: territorial sea: 12 nm; contiguous zone: 24 nm; exclusive economic zone: bilateral agreements or median lines in the Persian Gulf; continental shelf: natural prolongation

  4. Sweden Category: People - Total fertility rate (children born/woman): 1.67 children born/woman (2008 estimate)

  5. Jarvis Island Category: Geography - Natural hazards: the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island poses a maritime hazard

Gabon Regions are: Estuaire Moyen-Ogooue Ogooue-Lolo Ogooue-Maritime

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Libya Category: Geography - Environment - current issues: desertification; limited natural fresh water resources; the Great Manmade River Project, the largest water development scheme in the world, is being built to bring water from large aquifers under the Sahara to coastal cities

  2. Arctic Ocean Category: Introduction - Background: The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of the world's five oceans (after the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the recently delimited Southern Ocean). The Northwest Passage (US and Canada) and Northern Sea Route (Norway and Russia) are two important seasonal waterways. A sparse network of air, ocean, river, and land routes circumscribes the Arctic Ocean.

  3. Mali Category: Economy - Natural gas - consumption (cu m): 0 cu m (2007 estimate)

  4. Southern Ocean Category: Geography - Area (sq km): total: 20.327 million sq km; note: includes Amundsen Sea, Bellingshausen Sea, part of the Drake Passage, Ross Sea, a small part of the Scotia Sea, Weddell Sea, and other tributary water bodies

  5. Mauritania Category: Geography - Natural resources: iron ore, gypsum, copper, phosphate, diamonds, gold, oil, fish

Source: CIA - The World Factbook