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World Country Facts:

  1. Australia Category: Economy - Imports - partners (%): China 15.5%, US 12.8%, Japan 9.6%, Singapore 5.6%, Germany 5.2%, UK 4.3%, Thailand 4.2% (2007)

  2. Tuvalu Category: Transportation - Ports and terminals: Funafuti

  3. Dominica Category: Government - National holiday: Independence Day, 3 November (1978)

  4. Macau Category: People - Population: 545,674 (July 2008 estimate)

  5. Reunion Category: Geography - Map references: World

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Bahamas, The Category: Government - Legislative branch: bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate (16 seats; members appointed by the governor general upon the advice of the prime minister and the opposition leader to serve five-year terms) and the House of Assembly (41 seats; members elected by direct popular vote to serve five-year terms); the government may dissolve the Parliament and call elections at any time; elections: last held 2 May 2007 (next to be held by May 2012); election results: percent of vote by party - FNM 49.86%, PLP 47.02%; seats by party - FNM 23, PLP 18

  2. Yemen Category: Introduction - Background: North Yemen became independent of the Ottoman Empire in 1918. The British, who had set up a protectorate area around the southern port of Aden in the 19th century, withdrew in 1967 from what became South Yemen. Three years later, the southern government adopted a Marxist orientation. The massive exodus of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis from the south to the north contributed to two decades of hostility between the states. The two countries were formally unified as the Republic of Yemen in 1990. A southern secessionist movement in 1994 was quickly subdued. In 2000, Saudi Arabia and Yemen agreed to a delimitation of their border.

  3. Arctic Ocean Category: Geography - Environment - current issues: endangered marine species include walruses and whales; fragile ecosystem slow to change and slow to recover from disruptions or damage; thinning polar icepack

  4. France Category: Economy - Fiscal year: calendar year

  5. Andorra Category: Government - Constitution: Andorra's first written constitution was drafted in 1991, approved by referendum 14 March 1993, effective 28 April 1993

Equatorial Guinea Facts Info Stuff (GQ):

Equatorial Guinea Latitude Facts: 2.8 and Equatorial Guinea Longitude Facts: 9.265

More World Country Facts:

  1. Niger Category: Geography - Natural hazards: recurring droughts

  2. European Union Category: Government - National holiday: Europe Day 9 May (1950); note - a Union-wide holiday, the day that Robert SCHUMAN proposed the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community to achieve an organized Europe

  3. Namibia Category: Economy - GDP - real growth rate (%): 3.9% (2008 estimate)

  4. Singapore Category: Military - Military service age and obligation (years of age): 18-21 years of age for male compulsory military service; 16 years of age for volunteers; 2-year conscript service obligation, with a reserve obligation to age 40 (enlisted) or age 50 (officers) (2008)

  5. Southern Ocean Category: Geography - Natural hazards: huge icebergs with drafts up to several hundred meters; smaller bergs and iceberg fragments; sea ice (generally 0.5 to 1 m thick) with sometimes dynamic short-term variations and with large annual and interannual variations; deep continental shelf floored by glacial deposits varying widely over short distances; high winds and large waves much of the year; ship icing, especially May-October; most of region is remote from sources of search and rescue

Equatorial Guinea Regions are: Bioko Norte Litoral

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Aruba Category: Economy - Inflation rate (consumer prices) (%): 3.4% (2005)

  2. Reunion Category: Military - Military branches: no regular indigenous military forces; French forces (includes Army, Navy, Air Force, and Gendarmerie) (2005)

  3. Saint Lucia Category: Transnational Issues - Illicit drugs: transit point for South American drugs destined for the US and Europe

  4. Jarvis Island Category: Transportation - Transportation - note: there is a day beacon near the middle of the west coast

  5. Panama Category: Government - Legal system: based on civil law system; judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court of Justice; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations

Source: CIA - The World Factbook