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World Country Facts:

  1. Suriname Category: Economy - Natural gas - exports (cu m): 0 cu m (2007 estimate)

  2. Pacific Ocean Category: Geography - Terrain: surface currents in the northern Pacific are dominated by a clockwise, warm-water gyre (broad circular system of currents) and in the southern Pacific by a counterclockwise, cool-water gyre; in the northern Pacific, sea ice forms in the Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk in winter; in the southern Pacific, sea ice from Antarctica reaches its northernmost extent in October; the ocean floor in the eastern Pacific is dominated by the East Pacific Rise, while the western Pacific is dissected by deep trenches, including the Mariana Trench, which is the world's deepest

  3. San Marino Category: Geography - Map references: Europe

  4. Wallis and Futuna Category: Economy - GDP - composition by sector (%): agriculture: NA%; industry: NA%; services: NA%

  5. Iran Category: Economy - Currency (code): Iranian rial (IRR)

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Mali Category: Economy - Natural gas - production (cu m): 0 cu m (2007 estimate)

  2. Arctic Ocean Category: Transportation - Ports and terminals: Churchill (Canada), Murmansk (Russia), Prudhoe Bay (US)

  3. Micronesia, Federated States of Category: People - Life expectancy at birth (years): total population: 70.65 years; male: 68.79 years; female: 72.61 years (2008 estimate)

  4. Central African Republic Category: Government - Government type: republic

  5. Yemen Category: People - Birth rate (births/1,000 population): 42.42 births/1,000 population (2008 estimate)

Egypt Facts Info Stuff (EG):

Egypt Latitude Facts: 29.9488059701493 and Egypt Longitude Facts: 31.2671641791045

More World Country Facts:

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina Category: Military - Manpower fit for military service: males age 16-49: 996,225; females age 16-49: 962,927 (2008 estimate)

  2. Glorioso Islands Category: Economy - Economy - overview: no economic activity

  3. Morocco Category: People - Languages (%): Arabic (official), Berber dialects, French often the language of business, government, and diplomacy

  4. Reunion Category: People - Death rate (deaths/1,000 population): 5.49 deaths/1,000 population (2006 estimate)

  5. French Southern and Antarctic Lands Category: Government - Legal system: the laws of France, where applicable, apply

Egypt Regions are: Ad Daqahliyah Al Bahr al Ahmar Al Buhayrah Al Fayyum Al Gharbiyah Al Iskandariyah Al Isma'iliyah Al Jizah Al Minufiyah Al Minya Al Qahirah Al Qalyubiyah As Suways Ash Sharqiyah Aswan Asyut Bani Suwayf Bur Sa'id Dumyat Janub Sina' Kafr ash Shaykh Matruh Qina Shamal Sina' Suhaj

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Niger Category: Communications - Telephones - main lines in use: 24,000 (2005)

  2. Guyana Category: Economy - Oil - imports (bbl/day): 10,960 bbl/day (2005)

  3. Georgia Category: Economy - Electricity - consumption (kWh): 6.694 billion kWh (2006 estimate)

  4. Peru Category: Economy - Exports - commodities (%): copper, gold, zinc, crude petroleum and petroleum products, coffee, potatoes, asparagus, textiles, guinea pigs

  5. United States Pacific Island Wildlife Refuges Category: Economy - Economy - overview: no economic activity

Source: CIA - The World Factbook