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World Country Facts:

  1. Switzerland Category: Economy - Current account balance: .81 billion (2008 estimate)

  2. Venezuela Category: Government - International organization participation: Caricom (observer), CDB, FAO, G-15, G-24, G-77, IADB, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC, ICCt, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, IHO, ILO, IMF, IMO, Interpol, IOC, IOM, IPU, ISO, ITSO, ITU, ITUC, LAES, LAIA, LAS (observer), Mercosur (associate), MIGA, NAM, OAS, OPANAL, OPCW, OPEC, PCA, RG, UN, UNASUR, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNIDO, Union Latina, UNWTO, UPU, WCL, WCO, WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WTO

  3. United Kingdom Category: Geography - Area - comparative: slightly smaller than Oregon

  4. Cote d'Ivoire Category: Economy - Economic aid - recipient: ODA, million (2007 estimate)

  5. Aruba Category: People - Life expectancy at birth (years): total population: 75.06 years; male: 72.03 years; female: 78.14 years (2008 estimate)

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Random World Country Facts:

  1. Maldives Category: Economy - GDP - per capita (PPP): ,500 (2008 estimate)

  2. Switzerland Category: Economy - Exchange rates: Swiss francs (CHF) per US dollar - 1.0774 (2008 est.), 1.1973 (2007), 1.2539 (2006), 1.2452 (2005), 1.2435 (2004)

  3. Montserrat Category: Economy - Natural gas - proved reserves (cu m): 0 cu m (1 January 2006 estimate)

  4. Liechtenstein Category: Military - Manpower available for military service: males age 16-49: 8,102 (2008 estimate)

  5. Togo Category: Economy - Economic aid - recipient: ODA, .71 million (2005 estimate)

Chad Facts Info Stuff (TD):

Chad Latitude Facts: 11.54 and Chad Longitude Facts: 17.645

More World Country Facts:

  1. Serbia Category: Government - Political parties and leaders: Coalition of Albanians of the Presevo Valley or KAPD [Riza HALIMI]; Coalition for Sandzak or KZS [Sulejman UGLJANIN]; Democratic Party of Albanians or PDSh [Ragmi MUSTAFA]; Democratic Party of Serbia or DSS [Vojislav KOSTUNICA]; Democratic Party or DS [Boris TADIC]; Democratic Union of the Valley or BDL [Skender DESTANI]; For a European Serbia [Boris TADIC]; Force of Serbia Movement or PSS [Bogoljub KARIC]; G17 Plus [Mladjan DINKIC]; League of Vojvodina Hungarians or SVM [Istvan PASTOR]; Liberal Democratic Party or LDP [Cedomir JOVANOVIC]; Movement for Democratic Progress of LPD [Jonuz MUSLIU]; New Serbia or NS [Velimir ILIC]; Party of Democratic Action or PVD [Riza HALIMI]; Roma Party or RP [Srdjan SAJN]; Serbian Radical Party or SRS [Vojislav SESELJ (currently on trial at The Hague), but Tomislav NIKOLIC is acting leader]; Socialist Party of Serbia or SPS [Ivica DACIC]; Union of Roma of Serbia or URS [Rajko DJURIC]

  2. Sao Tome and Principe Category: Government - Administrative divisions: 2 provinces; Principe, Sao Tome; note: Principe has had self government since 29 April 1995

  3. Gaza Strip Category: Economy - Fiscal year: calendar year

  4. Norfolk Island Category: Economy - Budget: revenues: .6 million; expenditures: .8 million (FY99/00)

  5. Ukraine Category: Economy - Current account balance: -.22 billion (2008 estimate)

Chad Regions are: Chari-Baguirmi Guera Logone Occidental Ouaddai

Various World Country Facts:

  1. Congo, Democratic Republic of the Category: Government - Flag description: sky blue field divided diagonally from the lower hoist corner to upper fly corner by a red stripe bordered by two narrow yellow stripes; a yellow, five-pointed star appears in the upper hoist corner

  2. British Indian Ocean Territory Category: Geography - Map references: Political Map of the World

  3. Hungary Category: Economy - Oil - proved reserves (bbl): 20.18 million bbl (1 January 2008 estimate)

  4. Ethiopia Category: Government - Executive branch: chief of state: President GIRMA Woldegiorgis (since 8 October 2001); head of government: Prime Minister MELES Zenawi (since August 1995); cabinet: Council of Ministers as provided for in the December 1994 constitution; ministers are selected by the prime minister and approved by the House of People's Representatives; elections: president elected by the House of People's Representatives for a six-year term (eligible for a second term); election last held 9 October 2007 (next to be held in October 2013); prime minister designated by the party in power following legislative elections; election results: GIRMA Woldegiorgis elected president; percent of vote by the House of People's Representatives - 79%

  5. Saint Martin Category: Communications - Telephone system: general assessment: fully integrated access; domestic: direct dial capability with both fixed and wireless systems; international: country code - 590; undersea fiber-optic cable provides voice and data connectivity to Puerto Rico and Guadaloupe

Source: CIA - The World Factbook