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Country is Benin (BJ):

Borgou Latitude Facts: 9.375 and Borgou Longitude Facts: 2.46


Benin Region is: Borgou

Benin Cities are:  KpTrTrou Parakou

Random World Country Facts:

  1. Afghanistan Category: Government - Independence: 19 August 1919 (from UK control over Afghan foreign affairs)

  2. Bulgaria Category: People - Religions (%): Bulgarian Orthodox 82.6%, Muslim 12.2%, other Christian 1.2%, other 4% (2001 census)

  3. Swaziland Category: Economy - Economy - overview: In this small, landlocked economy, subsistence agriculture occupies approximately 70% of the population. The manufacturing sector has diversified since the mid-1980s. Sugar and wood pulp remain important foreign exchange earners. In 2007, the sugar industry increased efficiency and diversification efforts, in response to a 17% decline in EU sugar prices. Mining has declined in importance in recent years with only coal and quarry stone mines remaining active. Surrounded by South Africa, except for a short border with Mozambique, Swaziland is heavily dependent on South Africa from which it receives more than nine-tenths of its imports and to which it sends 60% of its exports. Swaziland's currency is pegged to the South African rand, subsuming Swaziland's monetary policy to South Africa. Customs duties from the Southern African Customs Union, which may equal as much as 70% of government revenue this year, and worker remittances from South Africa substantially supplement domestically earned income. Swaziland is not poor enough to merit an IMF program; however, the country is struggling to reduce the size of the civil service and control costs at public enterprises. The government is trying to improve the atmosphere for foreign investment. With an estimated 40% unemployment rate, Swaziland's need to increase the number and size of small and medium enterprises and attract foreign direct investment is acute. Overgrazing, soil depletion, drought, and sometimes floods persist as problems for the future. More than one-fourth of the population needed emergency food aid in 2006-07 because of drought, and nearly two-fifths of the adult population has been infected by HIV/AIDS.

  4. Antarctica Category: Communications - Internet country code: .aq

  5. Bahrain Category: Economy - Natural gas - production (cu m): 11.33 billion cu m (2006 estimate)

Source: CIA - The World Factbook https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2028.html